St.Stephen's School

Y4 - The British Museum 2024

Year 4 enjoyed an exciting visit to the British Museum, exploring the wonders of the Anglo-Saxon and Viking eras. Equipped with iPads, the children experienced an interactive tour of the museum’s exhibits, engaging with relics from the time in a immersive and fun way, discovering fascinating new information about these historic periods. As they scanned each of the relics they were given a selection of quiz questions to test their knowledge of the era which they have learned in school and during the visit. They had a fantastic time and couldn’t wait to share all of their new learning when they returned. 

Maryam 4PC: ‘We learnt lots of new things about Sutton Hoo using a fun digital process’

Karam 4LD: ‘I enjoyed using the iPad to gather more information whilst looking at real artefacts.