St.Stephen's School

Y2 Forest Trip

Year 2  had a fantastic time at the forest this week! All three classes went on the same day and we learnt a lot, created memories and had some great adventures.We came to school wrapped up in hats, gloves and our colourful wellies to keep us warm in the cold winter weather. We were really lucky that it was a beautiful sunny day and we got to explore all the different parts of the forest. We stomped through the squelchy mud and enjoyed splashing in the muddy puddles.We saw lots of animals and insects including swans, ducks, spiders, dragonflies and crickets. One of our favourite adventures was meeting the horses. There was a big, beautiful brown horse, a friendly, white horse and a cute, black pony.We enjoyed eating our delicious lunches with our friends in front of the duck pond whilst sitting in the beautiful nature.​ We were exhausted at the end of the day but we loved our experience and can't wait to go again.