St.Stephen's School

Y2 Chalkwell Beach 2024

Year 2 have enjoyed a lovely day out at Chalkwell beach! The weather was perfect for a trip to the seaside, with a clear blue sky and a hot sun. The children all enjoyed the trip to Barking on the the District line, followed by the highly anticipated journey on the C2C train. We were soon stepping off onto the platform at Chalkwell station and walking down to find a spot on the beautiful beach. The children had so much fun building sandcastles and searching for interesting shells, as well as digging big holes and even making a sand mermaid! It was wonderful to see the children showing the school WE CARE values as they shared their buckets, spades and other beach toys with each other.

We had soon worked up a ferocious appetite and tucked into our choice of delicious packed lunches. But everyone made sure they left room to enjoy an ice cream cone as they sat on a scenic grass verge next to the waves. After this, we walked together back to the train station to begin our return journey back to Upton Park and our school. We all returned with big smiles on our faces, even if those faces had a little bit of sand and ice cream on them.

It was an amazing trip all round and we felt so happy that we could share such a wonderful memory together as our Year 2 family!