St.Stephen's School

World Rescue Challenge

children climbing wallOn 19thOctober, Year 6 visited the excel centre where the World Rescue Challenge was taking place. Firefighters from all over the world were also there and we were able to watch them show off their skills in high adrenaline team challenges and demonstrations showcasing just what it means to be a 21st century firefighter.

After a short journey on the London tube and DLR, we spent our morning learning how to keep ourselves safe, preventing a fire from taking place and what we should do if a fire was to begin. We met the fire dogs and watched them in action, as well as having a tour of a fire engine. Some of us even got to watch the amazing rapping firefighters perform their song.

During the afternoon, we were able to watch some of the firefighting challenges including a fitness challenge and the extrication challenge, which involves two cars and real ‘casualties’ (actors wearing body makeup to look like they’ve been injured in an accident). The sparks flew when Australia competed against the UK using their specialist cutting gear to see who could rescue the casualty in the safest and speediest way. Finally we ended the day by having a chance to compete against each other on the climbing wall. We really enjoyed our day.

crumpled car

electrical sockets exposed