St.Stephen's School

World Down's Syndrome Day

World Down's Syndrome Day- Lots of Socks

Today in the Inclusion Hub we have been celebrating World Down Syndrome Day. This is an important day that encourages people around the globe to advocate for full inclusion for people with Down’s Syndrome and for everyone.

Our learning centred around “lots of socks”: the theme for World Down’s Syndrome Day. We sang “The Sock Song” and celebrated what makes us special as we took it in turns to choose what type of socks we would like. The children chose to sing about stripy socks and spotty socks as well as whale and buffalo socks! After the singing, we participated in a range of activities such as designing our own socks, matching pairs of socks, cutting out socks, guessing what is inside the socks and learning how to wash socks and hang them on a washing line. These activities helped the children to learn important basic skills such as sorting, speech and language, drawing and cutting as well as developing functional life skills around how to look after our possessions

We finished the morning by reflecting.