St.Stephen's School

Wick Court Farm

Year 6 visit to Wick Court Farm

On a cold February morning, a group of 34 Year 6 children and 4 members of staff embarked on a residential visit to ‘Wick Court Farm’ in Gloucestershire. Everyone was very excited and keen to get to the farm.  The journey took just over 3 hours.   

When we arrived we saw the magnificent Georgian house, which is rumoured to have had Queen Elizabeth stay, many years ago.  We were shown to our rooms and we unpacked our suitcases. There were 4 dormitories. Three of the dormitories had 10 beds and the smallest one had 8 beds.

Every morning, we had to be up and ready to start our jobs at 7:30. There were lots of jobs we had to do from mucking out the horses, feeding the animals, cleaning the pens, collecting the eggs, weighing the pigs, filling the composter and doing the gardening.  We also had to take it in turns to set the tables for meal times, sweep the courtyard and tidy the parlour.  One group would also go to feed the cows at the ‘Dairy Farm’ which was a short walk across two fields. Farmer Tim looks after the cows and we had to bottle feed the calves and give silage to the cows.  One day, we had to walk in the dark to the Dairy farm, we were lucky enough to see the stars.   After each of our jobs we would always gather in the dining hall for a delicious hearty meal.   We had porridge and eggs for breakfast, shepherd’s pie, burgers, Sunday roast and pizza for dinner.  There was also always a yummy pudding!  We would end our day with a warm hot chocolate and a cookie or cake.

All the children and the adults thoroughly enjoyed living and working on the farm.  We all learnt about farming life and the different types of animals, from Gloucester Old Spots, Tamworth Boar, Buff Orpingtons, Legbars and Rylands.  All the children were great farmers and were confidently handling and feeding the animals by the end of the visit.   It was a wonderful week which has left us with lots of fond memories.