St.Stephen's School

Wick Court Farm Update

Friday 12th January 2018:

We unpacked our things and got fitted with all the outdoor equipment and were quickly out tending to the farm jobs. We fed the Holstien Friesian calves by mixing up milk using milk powder, and fed the infant with pellets. We then made sure the pregnant cows could reach their food by forking the straw towards them! Following this hard work we had hot chocolate and retired to bed. 

Saturday 13th January 2018:

Our day began promptly at 6:30am and we made our way down to the parlour to prepare for our first job. Group 1 has the luxury of staying inside and cleaning the kitchen, courtyard and parlour whereas Group 2&3 were out at dawn on the farm to tend to the chickens, cows, rams, baby lambs and turkeys. Collecting eggs, mucking out, feeding and watering was completed to ensure the animals were set up for a good day. 
After a very hearty breakfast of farm scrambled eggs and sausages we were out doing the recycling using “the dragon” which turns all the waste food into nutritious soil for growing new produce. (Very smelly) After lunch we planted new hedges using 28 trees. Group 1 won with planting 18 trees! After making sure that the cows and calves were fed again we went in for dinner. The evening groups went out again and fed the pigs and cows and returned at 7:00pm. Everyone was exhausted and slept very well!

Sunday 14th January 2018:

Although Sunday is considered the day of rest, this does not apply in the farming world! We were up bright and early as usual and tended to the chickens, recycling, cows and lambs. Following the hard work and hearty roast lamb we embarked upon a lengthy Sunday walk. We walked along the bank of river Severn and up a hill and over many styles and through kissing gates. The evening jobs were then completed which included feeding the pigs and ensuring that all the new born lambs were fed. We even got to feed new born lambs their milk out of a bottle.  Definitely a unique Sunday for all!!