St.Stephen's School

Weekend Wick Court Farm Update

Children were up at 7:00am and were ready to feed the animals at 7:30am. The children fed the pigs, poultry and cows and returned into the house at 11am for a break. Throughout the day the children enjoyed a range of activities such as: gardening, stable cleaning and putting the pigs back into the pens. On Saturday night some children were lucky enough to watch three lambs begin born!

After enjoying a hearty breakfast of porridge and croissants, the children were outside feeding the animals. Some children were lucky enough to feed the compost dragon our left over food. Yummy 😋
After a hearty lamb dinner both the teachers and the children embarked on a three hour walk across the glorious countryside. That’s one way to walk off a lamb roast! After supper, some of the children walked over to the neighbouring dairy farm to feed the calves and the cows. That evening the children enjoyed a talent show called Wick Court’s got talent.