St.Stephen's School

Trip to Shadwell basin

Some of the children in Years 3 and 4 children recently went on a visit to Shadwell Basin Outdoor Activity Centre.  We all had an amazing time taking part in adventurous activities.    

The first activity was a water activity called bell boating. We collected our paddles and put on our waterproofs.  We then headed down to the waters edge to get into the bell boat.  The boat was bopping up and down so we had to get in slowly and carefully.  We had to use our paddles to move along the water. We enjoyed paddling the boat and at the end some of us were brave enough to put our nose in the water. 

After lunch we tried another great activity, indoor climbing.  We learnt how to grip onto the wall and use our arm and leg muscles to climb up.  Most of us managed to climb to the top.  We had a race to see who could climb to the top first, our teachers even joined in!

The last activity was a team building one, where we had to listen to the instructions given to move around the grid. We had to use precise vocabulary to make sure our partner knew which way to move around the grid. 

Overall, it was an amazing day! We all got to try out activities that we had never tried before and we all learnt lots of new skills. I am sure we will always remember our trip to Shadwell Basin!

By Year 3