St.Stephen's School

Transport Museum

Year 1 have been learning about the 'Travel and Transport' this term. To support our learning further we visited the Transport Museum in Covent Garden.   We got on the train at Upton Park station and we got the District Line all the way to Temple Station.   The journey took a very long time and some of us were feeling hungry and sleepy on the train.   When we got to Temple Station we had to walk along the embankment.  We saw lots of buses, cars and bicycles. We also saw some amazing buildings like the Shard, Big Ben and the London Eye.  After a long walk we arrived at the museum.  The man at the museum gave us a stamp card and we had to go around the museum collecting the stamps. We all managed to find all 13 stamps! We saw lots of transport from the past and we could climb into some of them. We all thought the trains and the double decker buses were the best. Some of us were lucky enough to dress up as the bus conductors!  We even saw a Sedan Chair,  something that we have been learning about at school. We watched a short film about how the tube stations have changed over the years and who the designers are.  Overall, it was a very busy but fun day where we learnt lots of interesting facts about transport.