St.Stephen's School

Talented Artists - Clay Workshop

During November, our St Stephen’s more able artists had a magnificent opportunity to spend the whole day immersed in intricate clay activities.

Children in Key Stage 2 worked alongside Andrew Mutter, our much respected art consultant, and a talented ceramic artist, Lizzy Jackson, to create a cohesive collection of art pieces.

Together they shaped textured, circular wall tiles that were inspired by recycling. Children experimented with a range of materials, such as plastics and scrap fabrics, to create imaginative relief patterns on clay. They also used clay relevant skills such as cutting, smoothing and stencilling.

The pupils also produced a stunning range of charcoal and graphite drawings to accompany the ceramic tiles.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and raved about everything they achieved during their artistic filled day.

Many thanks to Andrew and Lizzie for making this project such a success.