St.Stephen's School



On Tuesday 16th September 2014 year 6 went on an extraordinary visit to

the ragged school museum. We travelled on the tube to Mile End. When we excited children got off at the station, we all walked to the museum. There, in front of us, was the historic museum which used to be a real Victorian school. We stepped into the old building, waiting with anticipation as to what would come next.

First we went up a creaky staircase to a tiny Victorian kitchen. There was a tiny wooden table with only three chairs, and that kitchen was for five people, not just to eat in but to live in as well (it had 1 bed). We learnt a lot of about the Victorian lifestyle including some nasty information about how they went to the toilet.

After we finished that activity we went to a Victorian classroom. We did not expect to see the strict Victorian school teacher - Mrs. Perkins. We had a real Victorian lesson, which was horrible (but fun for 1 day). No speaking, no questions and if you didn’t do what you were told you would be shouted at or worse made to wear the dunce hat. Everyone had to write with their right hand and if it was messy (which of course it was for the left handed people) then you had to rub it off and start again. By the end we were very grateful that school is not like that anymore. However, it was a great experience from which we learnt a lot.