St.Stephen's School

Summer Fayre report

On Friday 26th May 2017, the hotly anticipated Summer Fayre arrived at St. Stephen’s school. Children bubbled with enthusiasm as excitement hung in the air. The sky was a cyan blue, dappled with fluffy white clouds, each one spread out over the horizon. The sun, a white-hot ball of glittering light over the colourful outlay of St. Stephens, stood watch as children and adults alike emerged from their classroom and from around the local community: what more could you have wanted?

The Summer Fayre is a special event that only happens once a year; it's named the 'summer' Fayre for a reason. Stalls, cakes, games - it's all included here, and everyone participates: it's hard not to be drawn in to the happiest event of the school calendar. Zahira, the organiser of the fayre, stated that, "We do the Summer Fayre to bring the community together; to share in the celebration of summer; and to raise money for charity. It’s a fantastic event and I thank everyone for their support in getting today’s fayre up and running.”

For those with a sweet-tooth, huge slices of cakes, multi-coloured delicious cupcakes, ice-cold ice-cream, and home-made crimson jelly were all on offer. The stalls, which were run by our fantastic teachers with the support of our Year Six children, were all brightly-decorated. A multitude of items could be won at the raffle, including bottles of bubble solution in a spectrum of colours and even play-dough. A Year 5 pupil commented, "Summer Fayre is my favourite time of year; I love all the different things there are to do here and it’s great that the weather has been so nice for this year’s fayre.”

The smell of freshly-cooked cakes in the air; the hum of the vibrating bouncy castles; the cold, creamy ice-cream; and the generally friendly aura of the amazing event combined to make this an unforgettable day. I, for one, can't wait until next year.

Kareesa Webb.