St.Stephen's School

Stephen Timm's visits Year 2

On 29 th June Stephen Timms the MP for Newham came to visit us. During, Environment Week we learnt about how much plastic is bring dumped in our oceans and hwo it is killing the fish. We also looked at the local enviroment around our school and did a litter survey. We were disgusted by the amount of rubbish that is being dumped on our streets. We saw paper, clothing, rotten food, glass bottles, rubbish bags and tin cans. We were not happy with what we saw so we decided to write a lettter to Mr Stephen Timms to ask for his help in tackling this litter problem. We also gave him some of our own ideas.

We sent Mr Timms a letter from Abdur Rahman in 2ZK and Anushka in 2SH. He was so impressed with what they wrote that he decided to come and visit them in person. Mr Timm’s spent time talking to us about what Newham is doing to tackle the litter and fly tipping problems and what the Government are doing to reduce the amount of plastic being used.

Here are some photos from his visit..