St.Stephen's School

St Stephen's Spelling Bee

On Friday 3rd of March we held the final round of the St Stephen's Spelling Bee!

The Spelling Champions from each class went head-to-head in a final round of challenges, using some really tricky words they had learned over the half-term break! In lower key stage 2, each of the six Class Spelling Champions had mastered every single word - even the really, really hard words like ambidexterious, concierge, and perpendicular - and so the nail biting final round ended in a tie with all eight children retaining their titles as Spelling Champions! In upper key stage 2, the Class Spelling Champions competed in a gruelling five rounds! The first three rounds were words from the spelling list but in round four and five they were tested on a range of new, unseen words. The fifth and final round came down to a nail-biting head-to-head between Nabeeha in 5JL and Ibrahim in 6CP! You could hear a pin drop in the hall while Nabeeha spelled out her final, unseen word: 'confidentially'. The children in 5JL crossed their fingers and their toes while she spelled the word out, letter by agonising letter. 5JL let out a deafening roar as she took the win, making her the Ultimate Spelling Champion of St. Stephen's.


Lower KS2 Class Winners: Ismeal, Taizeen, Vedant, Marwah, Riyon, Karam


Upper KS2 Class Winners: Dawud, Aarushi, Kameel, Ibrahim, Nabeeha, Sasmitha