St.Stephen's School

St Stephen’s Mock Election 2017

The general public may well be forgiven for thinking that the General Election on the 8th June was the only election to take note of, but this is far from the case. On the 7th June the children, staff and governors of St Stephen’s took part in a mock election.

For the six weeks prior to the election day, the members of the debating club had been planning, writing and creating manifestos for three brand new political parties:

  • The School Alliance of United Pupils (SAUP)
  • The Rights Party
  • The UNICEF Party

A party leader was voted in for each party and following a day of canvassing and ‘local elections’ the whole school was asked to vote on a winning party.

The policies of SAUP ended up winning the hearts and minds of most people and following the count, they were voted in with a landslide with a massive 15 out of 18 possible MPs.

Huge credit should go to everyone, staff and children alike, for embracing the day so wholeheartedly, but especially to those members of the debating club who put the day together.