St.Stephen's School

Sponsored Walk

On Tuesday 1st May, St. Stephen’s Primary School, Nursery School, Daycare and Children’s Centre took part in a sponsored walk to raise money for the NSPCC. All children, staff and some brave parents joined us to walk laps of the playground for an hour to raise money for vulnerable children and families nationally.

A message from Mel Sahotay, from the NSPCC:

‘Your amazing school have raised £2,450.23 which is just brilliant. You smashed your £2,000 target. I was so humbled by the enthusiasm from your teachers at the school.’

This is a reminder of not only how generous our community is, but also how active our children can be! Even the youngest children in Toddler Group, Daycare and Nursery were able to complete 10 laps of the Nursery Garden, which means that they walked a mile. No excuses now parents – your children clearly don’t need to be brought to school in a pushchair!

I would like to thank everyone involved in setting this up, including Nabila and Abida in the Children’s Centre and Ray, our primary school sports coach, for making the event such a success.