St.Stephen's School

Spelling Bee

What a fantastic year we’ve had for spelling at St. Stephen’s Primary School. During the whole-school spelling bee, every child had the chance to show off their spelling skills and compete within their classes to find a class champion. Each winner rivalled their peers in a school-wide competition to find 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions in Reception, KS1 and KS2. All finalists worked tirelessly to learn the challenging spellings we gave them.



1st place – Vedant RED

2nd place – Manha RIN

3rd place – Muhammad RIN



1st place – Dawud 2RF

2nd place – Fatima Kazi 2RM

3rd place – Avadhut 1TB, Nabeeha 1LP, Kavan 1LP and Abdul-Majid 2ZK



1st place – Dhairya 5SR

2nd place – Affan 3CP, Abdur-Rahman 1DT and Anayah 6EW

3rd place – Umar 4JW, Syed 4RD and Musfirah 4MW


The following pupils are representing St. Stephen’s Primary at the Newham Spelling Bee Semi-finals at Elmhurst Primary.

Year 3 – Abdur-Rahman 3DT

Year 4 – Musfirah 4MW

Year 5 – Dhariya 5SH

Year 6 – Anayah 6EW


Well done to everyone who took part and good luck in the Semi-finals!