St.Stephen's School

Spelling Bee

What a fantastic year we’ve had for spelling at St. Stephen’s Primary School. We had a whole-school spelling bee where every child had a chance to show off their spelling skills and competed within their classes to find a class winner. Each winner competed in a school-wide competition to find 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions in Reception, KS1 and KS2. All of the finalist worked extremely hard to learn the challenging spellings we gave them.


1st place – Kavan RIN

2nd place – Nabeeha  RMW

3rd place – Khadija RIN and Avadhut RMW



1st place – Athul  1GD

2nd place – Abdur-Rahman  2ZH

3rd place – Prashil 1SC, Aliha 1DT, Safa  2JW and Aurav 2SH



1st place - Tanusri 6SR

2nd place – khateja 4TB

3rd place – Mariam 6TN, Gurtej 3JM, Musfirah 3CP, Amina  and Ruthba 4EW


All of the winning children in KS2 were then given 100 more spellings and entered a year group competition. The winners worked hard to learn these spellings.


Year 3 – Gurtej 3JM

Year 4 - Ruthba 4EW

Year 5 – Anayah 5JW

Year 6 – Tanusri 6SR

These children were invited to take part in the Newham Semi- finals where we only just missed a place in the finals.