St.Stephen's School

Specialist Art Advisor: Andrew Mutter

This term we have been fortunate enough to continue working with Andrew Mutter. Andrew is a specialist art consultant who has worked within Newham as an educational art advisor and has a wealth of experience working with teachers and children.

Andrew and Donna, our Art Coordinator, have worked together to create a new, exciting and cross curricular art syllabus for St. Stephen’s School. They have linked the art curriculum to history, literacy and other areas of learning, Andrew has been working with teachers and children creating interesting and exciting artwork.

As we have been unable to attend museums and galleries due to Covid-19, art has become even more important this year. It has helped to continue to provide enrichment opportunities for pupils at St. Stephen’s. Our new topics have been designed to help build creative skills and provide knowledge of international artists across the school.

In Year 1, children have been inspired by the work of Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol. Year 2 pupils have created artwork based on The Great Fire of London and have been learning about the artwork of Anselm Kiefer. Year 4 have been inspired by the African American artist Jacob Lawrence and have made exciting and vibrant collages. Year 3 created Egyptian profile paintings on faux papyrus paper.

When asked about how art makes them feel our budding artist said:
It feels really nice to do art because it is so much fun.
I like Art because I enjoy cutting and sticking.
Art makes me feel joyful. I get to do things I don't do at home with my family. It makes me feel so excited.
Art makes me feel calm and it makes me smile.
Art makes me feel excited. I love drawing. I draw everywhere and even in my bedroom sometimes. I practise lots.

It has been an exciting inspirational start to our new school year and we are all enthusiastic about seeing the completed works on display in the very near future.