St.Stephen's School

Siemens Crystal and Emirates Airline

Year three have been looking at the future of transport as part of our Future topic and decided that we needed to go and try out some different forms of getting around London. We travelled on the underground and the DLR to get to the Siemens Crystal, a sustainability centre with lots of information and interactive features about the future of London.

Whilst we were there, we learnt lots of facts about sustainability and collected crystals on our special swipe cards to show what we had learnt. The best activity was when we had to create energy using our movements and if we made enough, a loud klaxon went off!

We then travelled from Royal Victoria to North Greenwich on the Emirates airline cable car. It was scary for some of us but we enjoyed the amazing views of London in the sunshine. We saw canary wharf, the Olympic Park, the Thames Barrier and even further afield!

We think that the cable car would be an excellent way to travel in the future, we really enjoyed it!