St.Stephen's School

Science Museum Year 2

Our visit to the Science museum
By Dhairya Vyas

On a cold, frosty Tuesday morning in February, year 2 visited the magnificent Science Museum in South Kensington. We travelled slowly on the District line. The train’s last destination was Ealing Broadway. While travelling on the bumpy tracks, I played a game of ‘I Spy’ with Sulaiman and Shabaz.
Once we arrived at the station, we walked along a dark, mysterious tunnel. Khateja accidentally thought we were going to the Natural History museum when we saw the sign. I laughed and said to Khateja “don’t worry we are going to the Science Museum.”
Finally we reached the Science Museum. In the Science Museum we took off our coats and bags and put them in a cage. Then we all walked to the Space Exhibition. It was amazing! I saw lots of old inventions and different types of spaceships and rockets. Next we went to watch a 3D movie about landing on the moon. We all had to wear 3D glasses and I actually thought I was on the moon. There were bubbles we had to pop and our seats moved backwards and forwards. I was screaming and laughing all the way through. Next we had lunch and it was delicious. After that we had time to explore the magnificent museum. I was amazed at the size of the rockets. It was a day to remember.