St.Stephen's School

School Council visit to Fox Primary School

children from St Stephen's and Fox Primary SchoolOn Monday 19th November 2012 the Junior Leadership team and Student Council were fortunate enough to visit Fox Primary school, situated in the London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Katy and Krupali said that the purpose of our visit was to share ideas, which would improve both our schools.

At the school, we were welcomed by Miss Morgan and Mr Hilton who are in charge of their Student Council. We were introduced to each other and took part in an official meeting in which we gained fascinating facts about their school and shared ideas.

Our school is very different in many ways. What we found surprising was that they keep bees in hives. These were donated by a parent and the school gets someone in to maintain them. As yet, they haven’t sold the honey. They also keep chickens, which really benefit their school as they can sell the eggs in order to gain money for the school. They also look after a healthy vegetable garden from which some school meals are cooked.

We enjoyed having lunch in their dinner hall and spent some time on the playground.

We had a great time and look forward to their visit to our school in January.