St.Stephen's School

Safer Internet Day 24

On Tuesday 6th February, we marked Safer Internet Day. Reception and early years focussed on stranger danger online through age appropriate texts. Key Stage 1 and 2 focussed on our digital reputation, and below is what we as a school have decided to make our key priorities. 

Golden Rules: Online Reputation

KS1: I can explain how information put online about someone can last for a long time.

LKS2: I can explain ways that some of the information about anyone online could have been created, copied or shared by others.

UKS2: I can explain strategies anyone can use to protect their ‘digital personality’ and online reputation, including degrees of anonymity.

Over the half term our children, with family and friends, created brilliant posters showcasing their digital footprint. Thank you for a great effort.

This link is a great resource to help our understanding of ‘digital footprint’: