St.Stephen's School

SEND Dance Enrichment - Dot Dot Dance

This half term, we have been so lucky to have some dance specialists visit our school to deliver dance workshops for our pupils with special educational needs. The dance specialists were from a company called Dot Dot Dance. We had so much fun learning lots of new skills such as: learning dance moves such as stretching, swaying and hopping; using movement to express ourselves; listening closely to instructions; and moving our bodies in time to music. The teacher even taught us to dance to some of our favourite songs that we have learned in the Inclusion Hub, such as "Animal Boogie" and "There's a Hole at the Bottom of the Sea."

We also enjoyed using props to dance such as bubbles, the bucket and sensory scarves.

Thank you to all the staff at Dot Dot Dance for providing us with this enriching new experience. We look forward to seeing you again in our school.