St.Stephen's School

Remembrance Day

On Wednesday the 11th of November, the Head boy and Head girl (Ranvir and Samira) went to the Cenotaph in East Ham’s Central Park. Mark accompanied us on the journey. We were first planning on going there by train but Nicola told us it would be quicker if we went by bus. As soon as we got there, we saw a crowd of people talking about what was going to happen. Some people were giving out leaflets so Mark took one for us.

A few minutes later, the two minute silence began; it was very different to be in the middle of East London with no sound at all. After that, hymns and poems were sung by schools before Wreaths were laid by schools, priests and other people. The mayor of Newham laid a wreath as well.

The wreaths were laid next to the Cenotaph, which is a statue that has all the names of local people that died in the First World War. The stairs (that were part of the statue) were full of wreaths. In the soil were some crosses and on those crosses it said the family names of those who died. After the ceremony we returned in time for lunch; it was a memorable day.

By Ranvir Juttla