St.Stephen's School

Red Nose Day 2013!

children gathered in playground for red nose dayRed Nose Day 2013 was a huge success! We had a very exciting week that led up to a very exciting day. During the week our challenge was to collect as many copper coins as possible (6J had filled their jar to the top by Tuesday)! We really enjoyed the challenged and brought in £600 in copper coins alone! We carefully placed the coins on letters to create a huge mural in the playground.


With the copper coins, the sale of the red noses and donations given for face painting during lunchtime, we raised £1280, which is a new record for money raised during Red Nose Day at St Stephen’s!

children in hall with visitor

children with faces painted

We also had a visitor from ‘Education for Africa’, a charity that develops schools in Somalia, Africa, who taught us about schools in Somalia and showed us some really fascinating pictures of how basic their schools are. It was very interesting to think about the differences between our school and schools in Somalia and made us realise where our donations go and just how worthwhile giving to charity is.

children making RND signs 

Thank you for your generous donations and support!