St.Stephen's School

Reception’s visit to Plashet Park

Last week (12.11.23) marked an exciting adventure for our Reception classes as they embarked on their very first school trip to Plashet Park! Immersed in the beauty of nature, our children went on a captivating nature walk using their senses.

Guided by the enchanting colours of Autumn, our curious minds delved into the seasonal changes and discovered the magic that unfolds during this time of the year. The park became a classroom without walls, where our students learned about the transformation of nature in the most hands-on way possible.

The highlight of the day was a thrilling treasure hunt, where the children eagerly searched for various types of leaves, as well as seeing a tractor collecting all the fallen leaves.

At St Stephen’s, we believe in enriching the learning experience, and this trip to Plashet Park was a perfect blend of education and adventure to explore the world around them!