St.Stephen's School

Reception’s Winter Forest Trip

Reception returned to the forest this week for our Winter trip and we could certainly see how the forest changes as the weather gets colder! There were hardly any leaves left on the trees and the air was crisp on our noses. We also found a lot of fantastic squelchy mud that was great fun to walk through in our wet weather wellingtons.

This trip we also learned all about the little people who live the forest and made special bracelets to show them that we are very kind visitors, who make sure they look after the forest. We built them lots of wonderful things for their little village including a swimming pool, a hospital and even a library!

We also went on a scavenger hunt to try and find the friendly forest dragon!  We had to find all kinds of strange things for him which meant we even needed to use our maths skills!

We can’t wait to go back and visit the little people and see how the forest has changed again in Spring!