St.Stephen's School

Reading Curriculum Evening

This week, we hosted a Reading Curriculum Evening and we were thrilled to see so many parents in attendance showing support to their child and the school once again.

We shared with parents strategies to improve reading fluency and how to develop the love of reading. We have a variety of different members of staff all sharing their expertise: what fluency is, how to develop blending of phonics, how to use adult modelling to improve reading, how to bring stories to life (with some excellent modelling from Mary Jane and audience participation), how to engage children developing a love for reading and how to develop positive reading routines at home. After the main presentation, there were a variety of table top stalls led by year groups promoting certain aspects of reading and we were extremely grateful to have a Newham Book Shop stall selling the newest fiction and non-fiction text at a 10% discount!

Thank you to everyone who attended. Your support is, as always,
greatly appreciated.