St.Stephen's School

Ragged School Museum

Recently, Year 6 had the privilege of visiting the Ragged School Museum in Mile End. As this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, we emerged ourselves and embraced Victorian life and dressed up as ragged Victorian children (often referred to as paupers). The day kicked off in a Victorian classroom, where we were taught by the tyrannical Miss Perkins! She was in role as a strict teacher and treated us just like Victorian school children: we had our hands checked for dirt; did choral reading of the alphabet; wrote in copper font and were even subjected to the brutal discipline on the Victorian times (no one was hurt!) Following this, we participated in an object handling session, where we looked at and hypothesised unknown Victorian home objects. Some of these possessions included: a hot water bottle made from clay; a hair curler made from iron, which had to be heated on the range and a shoe fixing tool. Overall, we had a fantastic day, but are grateful of our millennial status!