St.Stephen's School

Pirate Day

As part of the Year 3 topic, Hidden Treasure, 3S and 3L have been learning all about Pirates. To fully enrich our learning, we held a Year 3 Pirate Day. Both the children and the adults made an excellent effort in dressing up as pirates, and spent the day following pirate commands instead of the usual school instructions! As part of our day, we also held a parent workshop where we invited family members into school to help us in making pirate ship games. We had to use our numeracy skills and our learning of co-ordinates to create a two player game that involved us sinking each other’s pirate ships. We then spent the rest of our day learning about how a pirate would spend their day and all about the jobs they have to do. We also managed to include a treasure hunt that involved us using orienteering skills and working as a pirate team to solve the clues and find the treasure.