St.Stephen's School

Picnic Week

A few months ago, the Article 12 children did a lunchtime survey to ask the children their views and opinions about lunchtime. They asked the children what they enjoy about lunchtime and how we can make it even better.

Some of the children said that they would like to have a picnic for lunch in the Summer.  So, this week the Federated School took part in Picnic Week.   It was a really exciting week in which we learnt about the history of picnics, why we have picnics, the food we eat and picnic etiquette. 

The week ended with a whole school picnic in the school garden where everyone enjoyed a delicious picnic lunch. This included a sandwich, fruit juice, a bag of crisps and an ice lolly.   We all sat on gingham picnic blankets and enjoyed it with all our teachers.

Thank you to Zahira for organising the picnic and to Sue and her amazing team who made our delicious picnic lunches.