St.Stephen's School

Physical parent workshop

Today, we were so excited because our parents came to Reception to learn about the importance of all areas of Physical Development. We took part in a huge range of physical activities. Some of them developed our small motor skills and some of them developed our big motor skills. Our big motor skills activities included a giant obstacle course which involved crawling, jumping and balancing. We also practised rolling and throwing balls and had a go at the balance beam. We practised our skipping with the hoops and skipping ropes too. To develop our small motor skills, we used lots of exciting materials including ketchup, cornflour goo and playdough. Using these squidgy materials helps us to develop our strength in our fingers. We also used the bands, boards and pegs to practise holding a pencil correctly. We had so much fun with our parents. Thank you so much for coming! We hope that you enjoyed it!