St.Stephen's School

Peter Pan

On Wednesday 13th December Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 went to the Kenneth More theatre in Ilford, to see the annual Christmas pantomime. This year it was Peter Pan. We had to have our lunch earlier than usual, as we had to get onto the coaches for 12 O' clock. The journey took about 25 minutes and we were all very excited. 

The pantomime was so much fun and the children thoroughly enjoyed it. Here are some of the children's favourite parts of the show. 

Umair in Year 1 enjoyed the part when Peter Pan flew in from the window.

Safoora  and Adam both said they enjoyed the song that Peter Pan and Wendy sang when they were flying. 

Safiyyah enjoyed the mermaids and their sparkly costumes. 

Sufyaan was impressed with the children who performed in the show. 

It was a fun filled afternoon and we were very grateful to be able to go. We want to thank Michael Finlay and Ark Build PLC for generously paying for the pantomime tickets as well as the coaches. It is very much appreciated.