St.Stephen's School

One World Week

During the last week of term before the October half term holidays, St Stephen’s Primary School celebrated One World Week. The aim of this week was to raise awareness of cultures and traditions around the world, focussing on different forms of art, dance and music. It was a week filled with colour and excitement as children enjoyed learning about a range of continents.

Reception enjoyed taking part in a Bollywood dance workshop whilst year 1 explored using African drums. Year 2 created fascinating Japanese art work and treated everyone to an Asian dance performance.

In Key stage 2, dance continued to be a theme in year 4, who learnt the Hakka, the national dance of New Zealand. Year 3 and 5 enjoyed making masks and head dresses whilst Year 6 created an African musical performance.

There were also plenty of fundraising opportunities, where money raised went  to United World Schools and their work in Cambodia. A plethora of fundraising activities from dance-a-thons and sponsored walks took place across the whole school. Year 4, along with the Music Department, organised and held a spectacular fundraising concert and bake sale. The choir sounded sublime.

The week concluded with a culture dress up day. An array of traditional sparkly outfits were paraded around the school and each Key Stage shared some of their creative learning with their peers during a celebration assembly. An excellent week was had by all.