St.Stephen's School

Our choir trip to the Tower of London

On Thursday 16th June, the choir went on a trip to the Tower of London to sing our songs we had been learning with other schools. We were also representing St Stephen’s Primary School and were excited to showcase our abundance of talent.

When we arrived we couldn’t help notice that the view there was so remarkable. It was stunning. A lady, who works at the Tower of London, showed us upstairs to put our bags away. Then we went to the open stage to sing. First we sang ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’ with the other schools. We sang brightly and energetically. After that we sang ‘Pastime With Good Company,’ ‘Valerie’ and finally ‘The Greatest Day’. Everyone cheered and clapped with joy. Our first performance, as a choir, had finished.

Later when we finished our first performance, we came outside for some fresh air and to chat excitedly with our friends about the recent performance with our friends. Then we went back on the stage to sing our songs again. This time we sang together, as we always do, and we sang with lots energy.

After we finished our second performance, we went back up to the hall to have lunch. The people already served us lunch, so we sat down on the floor and we enjoyed our lunch. We ate delicious sandwiches and there was plenty of squash for everyone. Later, we had more time until we had to go to our last performance, so we had a tour around the Tower of London. First, we visited the Bloody tower. Then we took some photos and the choir huddled around.

Finally, we went back up to the stage to do our last performance. This time, we were adding dance moves and everyone was singing the songs with a groove. Finally it was time to leave, which was a good thing as everyone was exhausted. The third performance was definitely the climax of an electrifying day. We collectively decided that this was one of the best trips of the year.

Written by Shona, Year 5JW