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National Numeracy Day

Maths at St Stephen’s

HSBC and National Numeracy Day

We had a fabulous time last term exploring number through measure and celebrating National Numeracy Day. All year groups were lucky enough to take part in a HSBC financial workshop where solving money problems, talking about household budgeting and protection from fraud were at the forefront. The children also enjoyed speaking directly to a member of the HSBC bank and asking them many inquisitive questions. Following on from this, to celebrate National Numeracy Day, the children were presented with the task of creating their own Summer Fair with focus made on budget and profit. 

KS1 engaged in shop style role play by working out how much change they would receive after buying a variety of food items and also which prizes they could afford if they won an activity. 

KS2 had the task of creating a bespoke Summer Fair for 90 children with a budget of £300. Decisions about whether hiring an ice cream truck would be more profitable than a bouncy castle were made and the children thoroughly enjoyed collaborating and working together on these business projects.