St.Stephen's School

Mum's Morning

It was a very special moment to once again to host our Mum’s morning on Friday 25th March. All Mum’s and female carers had the opportunity to join the children during the morning and focus on an area of health and wellbeing. Here are few comments from the ladies who visited that morning.
“Really enjoyed being here and had a good time. Loved the games and the massage. Happy to see respect instilled into our children from a young age.”

“It was nice spending the morning at school together with the children, particularly after COVID. The children had a great time, the activities were well thought through and we all had fun- Thank you.”

“Thank you for inviting us today, we really enjoyed spending school time together and bonding over art therapy. Super fun sessions! Thank you to the teachers for all your efforts.”

“It was a lovely experience to be inside the classroom with my daughter. It was heart touching what she wrote for me in my card. Would love to join again for the school activities in the future. Thank you for inviting me.”

“I am super excited, as is my child to be here at Mum’s morning. After a long break of COVID, glad to get a chance to see other parents and school staff. Thank you.”

“I am glad that school invited us to school to be with our children. It was awesome and feels so special. Thank you so much. Happy Mother’s day to all the lovely Mums.”

“Really enjoyed this lovely morning. Have waited so long for this. Thank you for arranging this exciting morning.”

“Thank you for showing me what a wonderful amazing son you are and for sharing your time with me at school. “