St.Stephen's School

Maths Week

On Monday 19th May, St. Stephen’s began their annual ‘Maths Week’ with a visit from Freshwater Theatre Company. Years 1 and 2 went on an exciting adventure to Maths Island with the Maths Magician, completing activities to help them on the island. They all had a fantastic time in the workshop, developing and using the mathematical skills they have learned to solve the problems.

On Tuesday, ‘Dad’s Morning’ was a tremendous success, with almost one hundred dad’s, uncles and male carers coming into school to learn how they can help their children at home by getting involved with measuring lessons going on in the classrooms. There was a lot of very positive feedback from the event and I would like to thank all who attended, supporting their child’s development and St. Stephen’s School.

The Happy Puzzles Company worked alongside Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 on Wednesday bringing in lots of fun (although very challenging) activities for the children to work in teams to complete. The children learned lots of new skills during these challenges, not only mathematical skills, but also the need to be able to work well as a team in order to succeed.

On Friday came the much anticipated BigMathsathon and Timestableathon finals! Competitors from each class went head to head in the school hall in front of their proud parents to see who the overall Champions were. I am pleased to announce that in Reception the BigMathathon Champion was Sulaiman Jeeva. The KS1 Timestableathon champion was Maryam Jeeva and the KS2 Champion, Mustafa Islam. Well done to everyone who participated in the event, and again parents, thank you for your ongoing support.

As well as these exciting activities, the children and teachers have also worked very hard to create lots of healthy foods, weighing out ingredients and following recipes. The Banana Sushi and Sweet Potato Salad were particular favourites and Year 2 Cheesecake looked delicious!

Sarah Wright  - Numeracy Coordinator                  Alex Smith - Assistant Headteacher