St.Stephen's School

London Zoo

On Monday 29th September 2014, Year 5 visited London Zoo to research wildlife as part of our Rainforests topic. We then wrote detailed recounts to describe the incredible animals we encountered!

"Dashing to the station, we quickly made it to catch our train. Aboard the train, my ears were complaining about the giggly chatter which could fill five bathtubs! While the minutes dragged, the chatter slowly started to fade away. Everyone was starting to get impatient! At long last, the train, without warning, screeched to a halt. We finally reached our destination (Baker Street). When we got off the train, we hurtled up the steps and strolled to the popular Regent's Park.

In the park, which was bigger than I expected it to be, I was bombarded by an array of exotic colours. There were so many different sights to be seen: gaggles of geese, which made a cacophony of 'quacks', a lake, huge trees etc. Despite these amazements, everyone, especially me, was getting exhausted. At last we reached the FINAL destination: London Zoo, aka ZSL."

(Maliha, 5M)

"Strolling down the muddy path, we suddenly saw the humungous gorillas. As we approached, we noticed they were incredibly big. At first they were just swinging around then, suddenly, the gorillas got a bit vicious for some reason and everybody jumped in fright! Walking out from Gorilla Kingdom, up next was the spider monkeys swinging from branch to branch: they were very small and so cute.

Moving on, we could hear the beetles making their noices as we reached the B.U.G.S House. I was scared. Frightened. And most of all...terrified. I saw many insects such as cockroaches, apple snails, naked mole rats and tarantulas - the most scary insect there. Next up, we were off to Butterfly Paradise and we spotted some parrots on the way. When we got there we felt very warm. The butterflies were all around us, but very beautiful. Most people were scared, but I wasn't... "

(Zahra, 5S)

"Next, we went to our Rainforest Explorer workshop, which was really fun. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the deadly piranha, I was speechless. Everyone started crowding round to see it. "Aaah!" I shouted, as I saw the anteater walking around on the forest floor. When we finished, We went to eat our delectable lunch. As we were walking to our tables though, my stomach got the better of me. I was starving! At last, I gobbled my lunch up like a greedy giant. That was better!

Finally, we went to the amazing London Zoo Shop. I got a...lollipop! When I'm older I would love to work in London Zoo because it's so educational, however I would never ever go in the terrifying land of Tiger Territory!"

(Alesha, 5A)