St.Stephen's School

London Met Workshops

As part of our safeguarding and PSHE curriculum, we had two police officers spend Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th October with us. During this time, they delivered workshops that taught us how to keep ourselves safe either on the road, online or at home. In Reception and Year 1, we were also given a Show and Tell – this was very exciting as we were allowed to try on parts of the police uniform. Wearing handcuffs was really scary but we really enjoyed the session. Year 6 had two workshops with the police officers which were around online safety and gangs and peer pressure. These were really informative and was a great opportunity to ask the police some questions.

The police officers sat with us to eat their lunch and we really enjoyed this as it gave us more time to speak to them about any concerns or questions that we had. 

Each year group then followed up the sessions by completing further lessons in school relating to the workshop topic.