St.Stephen's School

Literature Festival

On the week beginning the 3rd of March, St Stephen’s held its annual Literature Festival, which consisted of many planned activities and events. The information below provides a brief description of all the different events and activities that we hosted.

Writing Workshops and Book Making:

Each year group read a book for the week and did drama, speaking and listening activities to understand the text. They used the book to get inspiration to write and publish their work to create a book. Also, we invited a writing expert to facilitate writing workshops.

Performances and Workshops by Theatre Groups:

We invited two different theatre groups (one for each key stage) to showcase a performance and lead some of the classes through drama workshops. The pupils found this thoroughly enjoyable and some year groups were even inspired to write.

Buddy Reading Groups:

The older pupils were paired up to read with and read to the younger children almost every day, which was adorable to see. This helped our older pupils with their confidence and sense of responsibility, as well as supporting the Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural (SMSC) aspects of learning.

Spelling Bee Finals:

As well as running the Key Stage 2 Final, for the first time this year, we hosted a Reception and Key Stage 1 Spelling Bee Final, and both finals had a great turn out of parents supporting. Here are the winners:

Reception: AlifAmin (RH)

KS1: Utkarsh Jana (2C)

KS2: Nishat Basir (6K)

Congratulations to the winners and participants.

Curriculum Evening:

This is a biannual event that we held this with a focus on writing. We shared many different strategies to show parents how to support their children at home. Again, a great turn out of parents!

World Book Day:

On this day, there was a sea of pupils dressed up as characters from books, even the teachers. The Junior Leadership Team (JLT) gave out prizes to best dressed children and Chetan told an entertaining story with eleven characters consisting of children and teachers who were the actors.

Overall, the week was successful and inspiring; remember to encourage each other to share and pass on stories.