St.Stephen's School

Knockout Success at the Year 4 Boxing Workshop

We're thrilled to share the excitement and energy that filled our school hall today as our Year 4 students took part in workshops with a professional boxing coach as part of their Empowerment Topic! 

Before donning their gloves and stepping up to the bags, our students began by mastering the basics of boxing, focusing on poses, positions, and fundamental techniques. With their gloves on and their newfound skills in tow, our students embraced the opportunity to put their abilities to the test. As the bags swung into action, so did their fantastic attitudes and determination. Not only did they engage in healthy exercise, but they also learned how discipline, focus, and perseverance can lead to success.

Under the guidance of our professional coach, students learned the art of one-two and one-one-two jabs and kicks. They also moved to the beat of exciting music, keeping perfect time with their punches and footwork. Emphasis was also placed on agility, with students learning to be light on their feet and incorporating bouncing into their boxing techniques. The session concluded with a synchronized boxing dance and an exhilarating team game, leaving our students thoroughly entertained and pleasantly exhausted.