St.Stephen's School


In the week of 27th June 2022, Years 2 - 6 went to Kidzania in West London. Here is the write up by a member of the Year 4 cohort:

On Tuesday 28th June, we went on an exciting journey to Kidzania. It was such a wonderful experience. We all started thinking of the jobs we were going to do in the city ruled by children.

Inside the child republic, we were given the instructions or rules of the city and after that, we were all given 50 kidzos (the Kidzania currency). We were allowed to roam free (in our groups) below the artificial sky. We all did different jobs: firefighters, clothes designers, police etc. The jobs were fantastic, you would earn from 6 - 12 kidzos on some, but all in all, it wasn't about the pay, it was about the feeling of it feeling real.

We would suggest you taking your children to Kidzania and to let them live out their wildest dreams. There's even an adult-relaxing section...What's not to love!