St.Stephen's School

KS2 Parent Assemblies

What a fantastic morning we had celebrating dance, physical and mental health and music on Wednesday 30th March. Year 3, 4, 5 and some Year 6 children took part in end of term assemblies for their parents. The main aim of these assemblies was to promote physical exercise through dance. This has been a focus within the curriculum this year and is also part of the 3 year School Development Plan. Children demonstrated the positive effects dance has on physical and mental health and why it is important to address this in this current climate. Year 3 increased their heart rates through a vigorous workout routine; Year 4 demonstrated their understanding and acceptance of other religions through the art of Dandiya dancing ; and Year 5 reflected on their Science topic about the water cycle through an interpretive dance performance. Choir and samba ensemble also showcased their talents during the assemblies and a collaborative performance of I'm on top of the world by Imagine Dragons provided a rousing finale, accompanied by the school's very own modern ensemble.