St.Stephen's School

KS2 Christmas Carol Performance

Hello Everyone

This year, KS2 were proud to present the Christmas Carol Performance, which was adapted by our talented Jennifer Ward (6J) and accompanied by Esther Williams (3LC) on piano.

All the children were involved either in main acting roles or by being magnificent in singing along when they were required to.

The performance was a combination of emotions which encompasses, humour, sadness and curiosity. Parents were enthralled and ready with cameras, iPads and camcorders to ensure that the memorable event was captured and saved for future reference. The cast displayed hidden talents and confidence for all to see by family, siblings and staff of St. Stephen’s School.

Displayed below are pictures of excellent quality, which were taken by our qualified photographer, Heidi Birch. So, to those of you who will be celbrating Christmas this year we wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Key Stage 2 Team