St.Stephen's School


The children of Key Stage 1 put on a sparkling Christmas Nativity Show called "A Twinkly Tree Top Tale". The story has many exciting characters. It starts off with a box of tree decorations (the nutcracker, robin, fair and santa) discussing who should be put up at the top of the Christmas tree. They have all forgotten about the shining star; who feels that she is more than worthy of her place at the top of the tree too. Finally, the star sings her song to the rest of the decorations and convinces them that she is the most important one. After all, she saw the birth of Jesus Christ, and so she has earnt her place at the top of the tree. All of the children worked hard in learning their lines, actions, dances and songs. A huge thank you to all staff who helped with the show and to all the parents for their continued support.