St.Stephen's School

Japanese Visitors

Konnichi wa!

Last week, we were very honoured to welcome almost 20 Japanese visitors to our school. They were teachers and head teachers from different schools in Japan and they were interested to see all the different things we did at St. Stephen's.

After meeting Neena and the leadership team they joined our Key Stage 2 singing assembly where they were very impressed with our musical talents! We even noticed some of them joining in! After that they spent time touring our school, watching lessons and meeting all the wonderful pupils.

Year 6 hosted our visitors during lunchtime and they were particularly impressed to see that Sue and Nicola had translated our lunch menu into Japanese for them! It was very heartening to see year 6 had practised some Japanese phrases and the delegates were suitably impressed.

To end the visit, our Japanese visitors had a discussion with leadership through the aid of a translator. They explained how beautiful and tidy they thought our school was and agreed that the pupils were calm, clever and welcoming. They were very impressed with everything St. Stephen's has to offer and wished that they could have stayed longer!