St.Stephen's School

Integrity Award Winners

Here are the winners for the ‘Integrity Award,’ Autumn Term 2016.

The ‘Integrity Award’ is an award which is voted for by the children.

‘Integrity’ means always being honest and doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. Someone who is an excellent role model at all times.

At St. Stephens we actively promote ‘Pupil Voice’ and ‘British Values.’ Each half term the children will take part in a democratic voting system, where they will choose a child in their class who they believe has shown ‘integral’ behaviour throughout the term. The children will all have one vote and they will give reasons for their choice. The votes are then counted and the winner is announced in the Assembly at the end of the week.

All the winners are given an ‘Integrity Award’ badge which they can wear with pride to school every day!

Autumn Term Winners

Spring Term Winners